ARA Networking offers technology that was created independently and provides unrivalled performance and reliability for optimal network traffic management. NMP (Network Traffic Monitoring Platform) software for high-performance traffic measurement and caching-only JAGUAR OS are two of our fundamental technologies. NMP is an efficient platform for managing massive amounts of traffic via a backbone.

In addition, JAGUAR OS can manage overused or large amounts of network traffic, maximizing network performance and delivering online content faster than ever before. ARA Networks Partner core solutions have become an integral part of a secure and productive network environment to customers worldwide.

Key Feature of superior Ara Solutions

Ara Networks incorporate major ISPs, huge substance suppliers and huge organizations at home and abroad. All of South Korea’s CDN suppliers, just as 7 out of 10 entry suppliers are utilizing Ara Solutions. ARA Networks arrangement is embraced by South Korea’s major ISP organizations, for example, KT, Hanaro Telecommunications and SK Networks. We additionally have branches abroad in Japan, Asia’s biggest and the U.S., world’s biggest market for worldwide markets. ARA Networks Partner will concede to effective administration and great help to clients with superior Ara Solutions.

  • Mobile Gateway Optimization Ara Solutions
  • Optimizing Mobile EPC and Backhaul Network
  • Mobile Edge CDN
  • Optimizing IX / Transit Traffic
  • Next Generation Telco CDN
  • L7 Traffic Analyzing and Control (URL Filtering)
  • L7 Traffic Analyzing and Control (URL Filtering)

Independently developed Ara Systems 

ARA’s systems  recognized JAGUAR and Traffic Sentinel items and Telco-grade arrangements, based upon a large group of licenses and licenses forthcoming, are conveyed and trusted by many ventures. Ara System was named Global Top 6 Company in the Transparent Caching market by Frost and Sullivan’s June 2013 analysis of the Global Transparent Caching Market Report. Ara System gives freely created OS innovation that conveys incredible execution and unwavering quality for best organization traffic the executives. Our Ara system advancements incorporate the NMP (Network Traffic Monitoring Platform) answer for elite traffic checking and reserving. NMP is the upgraded stage for enormous traffic the executives over spine organization, which is dependent on DPI innovation that gives the network straight forwardness. Furthermore, JAGUAR OS can handle abused or huge organization traffic and expands network insight with unparalleled greatness of quick web content conveyance. Ara System center arrangements have become an essential piece of secure and profitable organization climate to clients around the world.

Key Benefits of Ara System 

  • Over 90% hit ratio and bandwidth saving for managed contents
  • 40~60% bandwidth savings for unmanaged contents
  • 2~3 times improved QoE
  • Isolate traffic at fixed network edge for traffic congestion control
  • Lowest OPEX & CAPEX: Handle managed and unmanaged contents as well as business’ own contents based on a single appliance at network edge.
  • Subspecialized billing information to create greater profits.
  • Provide many different configurations and platform virtualization

Ara systems optimize network and internet service dependent on multidimensional traffic investigation and the executives in a quickly changing internet environment. COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) server allows tens or many gigabytes of measurement controlled by a superior DPI motor (NMP) for the extension of network interface on a solitary platform. its Provides broadened permitting approaches dependent on the size of your business

ARA Networks provides independently Ara Network Services 

Out-of-band Deployment by utilizing TAP 

  • Out-of-band arrangement with TAP or reflecting port 
  • Zero imperfection framework with no impact on networking activity 
  • Adaptable sending from IX/Peering to Edge 
  • Checking and controlling awry traffic 

Improve Service Quality by Traffic Management 

  • Examination of inbound and outbound traffic on IX connection and peering point 
  • Investigation of blockage and occasion traffic in a network 
  • Security danger examination for unsafe assaults, for example, DDoS, UDP flooding, and so on 
  • Separated arrangement setup for adaptable traffic the board contingent upon internet service, Ara Network services  and customer 

Illicit Web Site Access Filtering 

  • Ara Network services of access obstructing to Illegal sites 
  • Worth added strategy design for ISP to give parental control, protected substance separating, and so on 
  • Hindering diversion access, for example, DNS diversion, non-standard port, IP settling, URL encoding/variety, intermediary diversion, and so forth 
  • Unified Policy Management 
  • Brought together administration for traffic examination and the board and the setup of separating strategy 
  • Accessibility of data about network traffic design for IPv6, SPDY, HTTP/2, HTTPS, HTTP AS, P2P, and so on 

Superior and Scalability in Ara Network services 

NMP (Network Monitor Platform) controlled by a superior astute L7 DPI motor for many Gbps traffic Up to many Gbps traffic support dependent on the full line-rate assessment and a solitary stage contingent upon network interface design Simple adaptability dependent on the out-of-band technique

Global Ara Partner Network 

We work with frameworks integrators, affiliates and merchants worldwide to convey elite web worker machine items and network arrangements.  Our exceptionally prepared Ara Partner guaranteed in advertising, introducing and supporting our items. We are at present extending and searching for new partners in all nations. Ara Partner Network will concede to effectively deal and great help to clients with superior Ara Solutions.

You could be the first in your nation to be Ara Partner. Partner Application View our present Ara Partner by country beneath.

  • Cutting edge Telco CDN 
  • Telecom Operators offering Fixed and Mobile assistance 
  • Need to enhance IP/MPLS Core network in adapting to flood of OTT contents (Unmanaged). 
  • Adapt by RTT improved conveyance of both unmanaged and oversaw substance. 
  • Limit venture and activity cost for Telco CDN


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