Every technology that is used in business processes is expected to have security and privacy threats. Sophistical technologies increase the ability to combat cybersecurity attacks. The steps are not enough. All organizations must ensure that their business policies and workforce behavior minimize this risk of cyberattacks.

Because this path is not clear companies must adopt the set of frameworks that helps and provide guidance about information security great practices. This is the main area where information technology security management systems play its role.

What is Information Technology Security Management?

It is a group process that enables structure of organizations and technology to secure organizations’ IT department, and assets against external and internal cyber threats that are intentional or unintentional.

Information technology security management process enhanced to ensure and make a convenient, accessible and reliable system of information technology security confidentiality. There are many aspects of that IT security management system that are important to be considered in organizations security, including security policies of organizations, procedures, stricture security of organizations, IT processes, rules and regulations.

For implementation of IT security management systems, organizations security and policies are very essential. Security roles and responsibilities for different security personnel, also setting rules for expected response from users and security role players and rules for business continuity plans, and more. organizations personnel are mostly agreeing with the security policies and they get support from high-level management. This always helps to improve the priorities for all organizations.

The information technology security management system is an essential part of any organization to maintain and secure their business strategies and make it risk free. In this most advanced environment of business, organizations must be aware of global rules & regulations. Their information department must conform to these rules & regulations. So, in this global business atmosphere there is a lot of risk and threats to the system of organization to counter these issues. Information technology security management is becoming very essential for every organization.

There are a lot of national and international companies who provide IT security service, they provide a full depth of service and solution in cybersecurity from development of information technology security management systems to analysis of cybersecurity issues. Information technology security services providers also monitor the implementation of real-time security intelligence and they support complex information security systems.

Information technology security services provides protection to data from all around the world, always optimizes the risk management tools and ensures the business continuity of all big enterprises across the borders like EU, UK and USA.

Information technology security service and proprietary security management have certified tools which are reliable and effective in providing IT security services, so the companies keep focusing on their business. most information technology security services provider companies provide their services on best practices, they have certified professional and cyber security engineers who possess years of experience.

What is Cyber security?

Cyber security is the practical process of securing the computer servers, mobiles,  electronic devices, managing system networks and crucial data from the unknown attacker or hackers, this whole practice of securing the system known as cybersecurity. Thay are divided into different categories.

  • Network security
  • Application security
  • Information security
  • Operational security
  • Recovery management after disaster and continue system security
  • End-user education

Types of cyber threats:

The cyber security which counters the threats are three-fold: Following are some types of cyber threats.

  • Cybercrime
  • Cyber-attack
  • Cyberterrorism

Cyber security is the main topic or main concern of the business community, because many small and large businesses face huge no cyber-attacks every year. Cyber criminals are more innovative in terms of cyber-attack. Here are some types of cyber security solutions, so your business must be protected by cyber-attacks.

  • Perimeter security:

This is the type of cyber security solutions you must ensure that your business has perimeter security, it serves as a barrier between network and internet. cloud technology, mobile devices and web services and offers many new occasions for companies to make them secure. It is very easy that one malware to spread quickly throughout the network. To combat these threats, you must have a need to establish perimeter security. Here are some examples of perimeter security solutions.

Firewall security refers to a set of protocols that determine what should enter and what cannot enter your network. A firewall security monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic. It scans payloads and finds whether these coming sources are trusted or not.

A Firewall security is mostly used to protect from Trojans and other Malware from entering the network, it is also used to prevent employees from sending important data to the other networks. The main disadvantage of firewall security is that they can be circumvented if someone sends huge amounts of traffic that are trusted to avoid detection. Thus, the intrusion prevention system is mostly used along with firewalls security. It identifies the malicious activities of networks, IPS is very useful in identifying the hackers. Spam protection is used to block flagging emails, blocking ads and it makes sure employees don’t see threatening or annoying emails. Some spam security solutions offer a safe browsing check network and destination of URL to ensure that it is safe. 

  • Intranet security:

Intranet security is another type of cyber security solutions that protects individual devices, computers and small systems from malware that has managed to interfere with your local network. The most common and important strategies that intranet security follows are as follows.

  • Updating and patching software
  • Anti-malware software
  • Human security:

Many computer operators unconsciously believe that the only threads they have to consider are from modern hackers and malware attacks. The offshoot of this ignorance is that they always ignore human errors.

There are few security solutions of human error is that,

  • Employee training
  •  Security testing

What is IT compliance?

IT compliance is used to protect the digital assets of organizations. It is practiced differently from security derived in IT compliance; it revolves around third party requirements.

The main purpose of IT compliance is to meet the security standards of government, markets and customers. It ensures organizations that they can do their business with different entities upholding the different privacy and security standards. Some countries strictly enforce privacy laws and mostly require clients. IT compliance with unique and high confidentiality security standards. Following are main information technology compliance.

  • General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
  • Payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS)
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

These are main standards of Information technology compliance each and every organization must have to follow these standards.


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